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Despite the constitutional directive of free and compulsory primary education and universalisaton of primary education, it has been a relatively neglected sector. Although statistics show an increase in enrollment ratios, in terms of qualitative improvement, there is still much to be done. Standards have to improve, education has to be made more meaningful, and the fundamental objectives of primary education focussing on the child’s all round development have to be achieved. All this is not possible, unless the educational planners, administrators and teachers play an active role. We, at Delhi Public School, ONGC, Nazira understand the needs of primary school children in the context of their growth and development.
DPS, ONGC, Nazira is not only an educational institution, but also a member of a social community. It is not only concerned about the regular day scholars, but, also for the welfare and development of the society as a whole. The Shiksha Kendra, the school’s extended sister-concern, running under the aegis of the school sees the appeasement of hunger, the allayment of thirst and the fulfilment of the needs of the needy.

When western education was introduced in India, it was intended primarily for the urban elite and left the poor rural population which comprised an overwhelming majority of the people of India untouched. Today, when significant steps are being taken towards the popular education in rural areas, Shiksha Kendra, DPS, ONGC Nazira has given great importance to educating the deprived lot.
More than a billion people in today’s urbanizing world live and work in the world’s most degraded environments…… they lack clean drinking water and rudimentary sanitation facilities. The situation is getting worse, even though contributions are being made to the economies of the developing countries. More and more urban residents lack the resources to meet the basic needs of food, water, clothing and shelter of the people living below the poverty line. ‘Education’ is miles and miles away. In such a situation, the transmission of vital attitudes, the training of the child in basic living habits and the implementation of Free Education is a stepping stone laid by the Shiksha Kendra, DPS Nazira in the progress of the region.The chief catchment areas functioning under DPS, Nazira are the Downtrodden and Underprivileged children of the SLUM DWELLERS who cannot afford to send their children to school. The KENDRA is imparting education in VERNACULAR as well as in ENGLISH medium so that, they, apart from becoming LITERATE can also communicate in the widely spoken language.
The joint efforts of the Principal, teachers, staff and students who took an oath on "CHILD LABOUR DAY" that "EACH ONE WILL TEACH ONE", in the year 1999 triggered off the spree to educate at least one underprivileged child. All involved in this process take sometime off from their busy schedule to impart whatever knowledge and wisdom they have acquired and this exercise is steadily bearing fruit.
It is said that kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. After all, there is but one race – humanity.

Education enlightens our minds and shows us the way to progress. Herein lies the importance of a school, which is also a miniature society. A school reflects the aims and aspirations of the society of which it is an inseparable part. As a part of the society, a school has to perform a number of services towards the welfare of the society, besides imparting education to its future citizens. DPS, Nazira is not behind in this endeavour. The school has taken up various community services since its inception.
Education is not the domain of the privileged section. The uncared, underprivileged ones also have the right to get education. Hence, our school has opened up Shiksha Kendra – a novel idea, initiated by the school to show the ignorant ones, the light of knowledge. After the school hours, the children of the nearby villages are imparted free education on various subjects, like the regular school goers. It is a commendable effort on the part of the teachers and the students who have been trying their utmost to give the best education to the future citizens of the country. Besides academics, games, computer , music etc. are also taken up to develop the body, mind and soul of the children enrolled in the Shiksha Kendra, which is the main aim of education.

The Kendra has two basic functions:

Education, or the training of children to survive effectively in the society and socialization.

n As far as education is concerned, the Shiksha Kendra accepts the major responsibility for translating or interpreting those aspects of the cultural heritage which have been formalized into ‘school subjects’, such as history, science, etc. The Kendra views the curriculum not only as blocks of academic requirement, but as areas of educational opportunity, corresponding to the major beliefs, values, attitudes and practices of our society and culture. Thus, through the curriculum, content of academic learning and structuring of co-curricular activities, children are not only gaining in cognitive knowledge and skills, but are also trying to understand the society in which they live.
n The socialization function of the Shiksha Kendra is a more difficult one. When the ‘socially disadvantaged child’ starts school, he is for the first time a member of a society in which participation, roles and status will be ‘determined’ largely by other members. It is a society from which he cannot escape during certain set hours and days of every week. It is for him, the equivalent of the adult society which his parents have never encountered in their daily lives. Shiksha Kendra, DPS, ONGC Nazira therefore, equips him with social knowledge and skills and teach him healthy attitudes and values.

Who, then is the ‘lucky one’ to be enrolled in the Shiksha Kendra?

¨ He/She can belong to any low-income group of parents.

¨ He/She may not be enjoying the same facilities which most of the other children who are not 

    socially disadvantaged are enjoying.

¨ He/She may feel that he/she is not in step with the society or with larger section of the society.

¨ He/She may lack an educational environment at home.

¨ He/She may lack the adequate encouragement to go to school.

With such efforts as those made by the Shiksha Kendra, top priority of attention is being given to the children of the underprivileged and the downtrodden sections of the society. If their condition is improved, the upliftment of the region, state and the nation at large will be easier. DPS, ONGC Nazira thus enables such people to realize their position and self-esteem in the society.

Come, let us all join hands and make the world a better place to live in.

The children of "SHIKSHA KENDRA" are like the base of a Kaleidoscope, its three sides being the society they hail from, their parents and the school they come to study in DPS, Nazira too is following suit as the quotation by making an arduous effort in imparting free tutelage to the children of the UNDERPRIVILEGED section of the society who dwell in the SLUMS and JHUGGIES.


1. To provide a platform for LITERACY drive.

2. Upliftment of children from DOWNTRODDEN  section of the community.

3. To encourage and motivate the parents to allow the GIRL CHILD, in particular, to be educated.

4. To make themselves SELF-RELIANT by giving vocational training.

5. To inculcate the feeling of competitiveness and encourage them to take part in various competitions.


Fulfilling the dream of education for everyone. According to Froebel, "Education is the unfoldment of what is already enfolded in the germ". Shiksha Kendra aims at the development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him to control his environment and fulfil his possibilities.

Emphasis on over-all development of each and every child. Shiksha Kendra holds education as the art of leading out. In other words, Shiksha Kendra leads out the inborn knowledge, powers and virtues of the child emphasizing on the all-round development of his entire personality.

Unleashing the hidden talents in the underprivileged children. Children have immense potentials and if not discovered on time, they go haywire. It is this utilization of the innate qualities that the Shiksha Kendra poses to implement.

Promoting value added education with sincere effort to inculcate values, truthfulness, dedication, sincerity, mannerism etc. In order to develop the social, moral and religious values, some periods are provided in the time table. A tolerant study of all religion is also promoted so that the children understand one another better and live together amicably.

To overcome the problems of unemployment, population explosion, poverty, child labour etc. The Shiksha Kendra course of study is consolidated. Special attention is given to paramedical vocational courses for the women, rural and deprived sections of the society. These courses are further co-ordinated with the working of the organizations which offer training for self-employment. Thus, Shiksha Kendra provides ample opportunities for professional growth and living.

Uprooting poverty by ensuring 100% literacy so that they can’t be discriminated and befooled. In our country, we have almost the lowest per-capita income in the developing world. There is a great mass of illiterate population. Economic growth is also slow and erratic. The work and efforts of the Shiksha Kendra is only a stepping stone in eradicating poverty by ensuring a 100% literacy.


Ensuring education to girl child thus removing gender biasness. Providing educational facilities to women/girls has been one of the main educational thrusts ever since the birth of Shiksha Kendra. It is of the opinion that

Ø The usual amenities of life should be provided for girls.

Ø There should be no curtailment in educational opportunities for girls.

Ø Girls in general should be helped to see their normal place in the society.

Exposure to the outer world through educational trips, excursions, etc. When the studen- ts visit their social surroundings, they come in contact with various members of the community and their ways of living. Shiksha Kendra thus makes them aware of their cultural heritage and wider social environment.

Ø Subjects like English, Hindi, Maths and local language, i.e., Assamese are taught by a team of dedicated teachers.

Ø Along with the academic development emphasis is given on training them up in co-curricular activities like physical education, music classes, vocal as well as instrumental, making craft items, painting, computer classes, paper recycling etc.

Ø Regular medical check-ups.

Ø Discussions about the importance of health and hygiene and directions to take steps about it.

Ø A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, they’ll be given instructions on Yoga and physical exercises.

Ø After completion of various chapters/topics, tests will be conducted on a regular basis to check their knowledge.

Ø Assemblies on a regular basis will be conducted by the Shiksha Kendra children.

Ø Various activities like extempore, debate, dance, drama, speech etc, would be conducted to enhance their personality and to enable them to face the audience.

Ø Vocational training – candle making, card making, craft items, wood carvings, pot painting, mehendi design, stitching, embroidery, paper recycling etc. This will help them in earning their livelihood after completion of their studies.


The objective of this special school functioning as the "SHIKSHA KENDRA" under DPS, Nazira is multifaceted. Apart from emphasizing on the upliftment of the downtrodden and emancipation of the girl child by providing an equal platform as her male counterpart, the KENDRA is trying to motivate a full-fledged COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION in this literacy drive by providing support in whichever way they desire. The KENDRA is providing FREE STATIONERIES to these children. It is also supplying activity based WORKSHEETS based on pictures in their mother tongue to arouse the interest of the learners; as the sole objective of the KENDRA still remains to make more and more of these children literate and reach out to the remotest nook of the region, admitting more than 50 students.

The KENDRA is also emphasizing on the three R’s of education- READING, REASONING and WRITING and at the same time making a diligent effort to make these children SELF-RELIANT and SELF-SUFFICIENT thereby preparing them for SELF-EMPLOYMENT in the near future.

FREE MEDICAL CAMP: The school has been holding free medical camps for people from time to time. Qualified doctors have rendered their services in these camps free of cost, enabling the downtrodden section enjoy the modern medical facilities.

CREATING AWARENESS ABOUT ECO-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: Our school has been rendering yeoman’s service in creating a pollution free environment. Cleanliness drives have been taken up by the teachers and the students at various places in and around Nazira. Postering in and around the town about keeping a green surrounding is a step forward in creating awareness among the masses.

DISTRIBUTION OF ESSENTIAL ITEMS: It has been a praise worthy effort on the part of the school to distribute various items among the needy. The teachers and students of the school visit the nearby villages from time to time and distribute medicines, food items, clothes, books etc to the people.

STREET PLAYS are also performed by the students on various burning social topics such as dowry, terrorism, population explosion, illiteracy, health and hygiene etc., to make the people conscious about the consequences of these problems.

In this way, DPS, Nazira is striving hard to help the society march towards progress with the rest of the world with the motto-

"Little deeds of kindness,

Little words of love,

Help to make earth happy,

Like the heaven above."

The children are at par with the day-scholars who hail from affluent families as they are not deprived of the accessibility to all the available resources of the school like computer, sports, music etc. These children are given a fare chance to share the same platform as the regular students and on many occasions stand hand in hand with their more fortunate counterparts. They have shared the same stage to perform their skills and
have been given a fair chance to arouse the competitive spirit within them so that they do not have the feeling of being different from the others.

The KENDRA is also preparing these children for different competitions from time to time at different levels in hierarchy – GRAM, BLOCK, DISTRICT and STATE. These children enjoy the privilege of independent performances.

The KENDRA has also set a target to encourage these children for further studies by providing ‘Wazeefa’ to the deserving candidates for their outstanding performance in academics.
The KENDRA is leaving no stone unturned in acquiring cooperation from every source. Meanwhile, it is also receiving positive response from the privileged section of the society. The KENDRA is also providing CLOTHING and STATIONERY with the cooperation of the parents of the regular students.

When the whole nation is sprinting high and low with the propaganda to make every INDIAN - computer savvy and every child a computer literate, can SHIKSHA KENDRA be far behind in this pursuit?
Apart from extending the accessibility to MUSIC and SPORTS, the KENDRA is also making a zealous effort to spread, "COMPUTER LITERACY" not only among the regular students but spread it amongst the masses through these children of the JHUGGIES and SLUMS. Every week they are given a complete accessibility to the computers in the school laboratory to impart the fundamentals of computer.

1. At present the SCHOOL is concentrating on acquiring sponsorship for the bright students of the SHIKSHA KENDRA as regular students of the school and become an integral part of the DPS fraternity. This will not only encourage other students but will also have far reaching effects on the masses.

2. To take these children on EDUCATIONAL TOURS to HISTORICAL PLACES, EXCURSIONS and TREKKING so that they feel the same as the regular students. These outings will be a welcome step towards enhancement of their all-round personality development and help them become responsible citizens not only of the society but will motivate them to make some contribution in the process of NATION BUILDING. This will also give a sense of responsibility to the lucky ones.


4. COUNSELLING CENTRE for the students and their parents.

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. Why does a dam hold water? Or a book make us cry? How does a rock crystal take shape? Or an empire crumble to the sand? What makes a sailing monsoon cloud burst? Or a square root of a negative number found? How does the sky hold the stars and the moon? Why is the sky so high and sea so deep? A child’s world is made up of questions. Some have answers. Some wonderfully enough, don’t. While all questions do not have ANSWERS, most children do not have TEACHERS.


Last but not the least the school can only extend its helping hand in the attempt of building a stronger and more LITERATE NATION. The plebiscites have to come forward and join hands in order to accomplish this goodwill mission which is only a minor attempt towards a brighter future of the country and her countrymen.

The school can only plead the masses and responsible denizens of the society to come forward and extend their wholehearted co-operation by

making a small contribution in whatever way they wish because ‘Charity Begins at Home’ and as the saying goes, ‘Opportunity knocks just once at your door’. It is our chance to grab this opportunity to contribute whatever possible in this ‘goodwill mission’ for a BETTER and BRIGHTER future and set an example by itself.