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Music, the term itself is divine and heavenly. It is the magic word, which heals our heart and soothes our soul. Music is spiritual.It not only sublimes our instincts but also makes us to get submerged in its depth. This is the reason why Shelly, the great English poet calls the Skylark, “ethereal minstrel” even though he is unable to grasp the theme of the song of the bird. Delhi Public School, ONGC, Nazira is such an institution where one can find an atmosphere of tunes, rhythms, ragas etc., echoing in the air around. The school facilitates its children with music both in vocal and instrumental by providing them regular classes on it. The children learn songs, bhajans, ragas as well as instruments like keyboard, drums, guitar, tabla, dholak etc in the school. The young singers and musicians are trained here for their tomorrow. The school’s prime concern is to give an exposure to the students to rise in their field of interests and to bring in focus, their inherent talents. The children sing songs and play instruments to their heart on various occasions in the school. The step taken by the institution is of immense help in the upbringing of future “ethereal minstrels” to the benefits of mankind. For this, the school organizes different competitions and extravaganzas on music amongst the children.