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THE GYMNASIUM: The Gym equipped for physical training and gymnastics not only hone up the muscles but also the Dipsites to achieve greater health and a longer productive life.

“Sports teach you that it is good to complete, good to run, good to sweat, good to get dirty, good to feel tired and healthy and refreshed.” - Martina Novratilova.

Truly so, we, at DPS, ONGC, Nazira to compete, run, sweat, get dirty, feel tired and yet remain healthy and refreshed. Indeed, great champions are those who are driven to show the world … and prove to themselves … Just how good they are. The Department of Physical Education leaves no stone unturned to make Dipsites “True Champions”. Organising various activities to promote the physical growth and development of the students, the faculty has been inculcating various social traits of the Dipsites, thereby providing a suitable outlet to the surplus energy of the students.