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The Eco-club of our school, named Eco-phile, is the hub of various activities related with environment. The club organizes various activities whenever possible, with the active help and participation of the children. A few of the activities are highlighted below.


The materials available on this earth sustain life. These materials are gifts of nature to us. So, we must also realize its importance and conserve these resources by using it judiciously.

Water is one of the most important natural resource bestowed upon us by Nature. Life cannot sustain without water. But, with the tremendous rise in population, consumption of water has increased at an alarming rate; so much so that the global availability of water has dropped considerably. Many nations are suffering from this grave problem that is posing itself as a major area of concern for the whole world at large.

Realizing this urgent need to check out the consumption of water to maintain the ecological balance, some students ofclass="head" Eco-club took a small but significant stride in this regard. In the month of September, some students of the school took up a project on water conservation to generate a awareness among the residents of ONGC Colony, Nazira, on this issue. The students carried out a survey based on a set of questionnaire prepared by them. the residents of the colony gave a willing and positive response to the effort made by the students. The result of the survey was very fruitful as many occupants expressed their knowledge about the need to conserve water. Some who honestly confessed their ignorance about the urgency of the problem, were briefed by the students how to check excess and wasteful use of water.

Overall the whole project ended up on a positive note and the students’ meager step to help Nature maintain its fine balance among its various components, was rewarded.


With the change of time everything changes- may it be in the case of custom, habit or practice. But still we try to have the grip of those old values and traditions, which have no boundary, which cannot be touched by time. Those things we preserve for us, for the generations to come. It is because of this only that even in the 21st century, we have not forgotten some age-old practices. We hail from a land where variety of plants are found. India is rich in herbs and it plays a major role in the medicinal history of the country. Since days yore people have been practicing herbal treatment to many diseases and they are successful in this regard. Medicines made out of herbal products have done miracles in many ways. That is why, people still follow this ancient mode of treatment to cure many deadly diseases.

Eco-club of Delhi Public School, ONGC, Nazira, in tune with this herbal practice around the nation, has set up a herbal garden in its premises. The garden consists of valuable herbs like ‘tulsi’, ‘pudina’, etc. Many local herbs have been planted in the garden. This attempt of the school is not only noble, but its impact is also far reaching. The students are highly benefited by this stupendous effort and there is no doubt that it will bear a fruitful impact in their lives to come. This garden enables them to imbibe new knowledge and information regarding herbal medicines and to learn their application in day-to-day life. The school in this respect demands high applause and appreciation from the concerned individuals.

Behind every venture there is some motive, and the hidden aspect behind the plantation of a herbal garden in the school is to make the students aware and conscious of the herbal products. The students not only learn about their positive points, but also learn to apply them to have immediate results. Thus, the Principal of the school and the teachers play the instrumental roles in setting up of this herbal garden in the school.


An artist’s style is a continuous process of invention. So are the creative teachers of the Art & Craft department and the students of Eco-club of DPS, ONGC, Nazira. If they are possessed with an idea, they will find it, express it everywhere, they will even smell it. The recent creative venture taken by the members of the department of Art & Craft and the students of Eco-club is the recycling of papers. In this project they collected the waste papers with the help of caustic soda solution and fevicol they managed to give shape to those waste papers into marvelous toys, masks etc. They carved attractive designs on it. With the help of a group of enthusiastic students they have carved a niche in the creative world by giving attractive shapes to these ordinary and waste papers. The members firmly believes that all intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again.


Environment plays a dominant role in moulding the personality of human beings. It is the guiding spirit. Hence it has become very much important to create and develop an awareness towards environment and its conservation.
DPS, Nazira has always taken the initiative in various projects towards environment protection. Keeping this trend a group of students of this school took part in an Environmental Quiz organized by Environmental Council for children. The competition, which was held on August 8 at DPS, Numaligarh, enabled the students to widen the vistas of knowledge regarding their surrounding.


Nature is the epitome of beauty and bounteousness, thanks to the designs and diversities employed in her constituents. But man is incessantly bent upon robbing nature of her bounteousness and in that process, is degrading the environment as well as doing irreparable harm to himself. It is high time that man realize his follies or very soon another Venus or Mars will be created out of the Earth. For creating global awareness on this burning issue, World Environment Day is observed all over the world. DPS, Nazira has always contributed in this noble endeavour in its meager but significant way.

The school has always made an effort to stride ahead with an undiminishing resolve to spread the message of creating an eco-friendly society. On 5th June, 2003, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the school went ahead an extra mile in this regard. The day started with the flagging off of the Environment Awareness Rally by Mrs. Gayatri Baruah, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, from D.C’s office Sivasagar. The ever vibrant and enthusiastic students of the school carried BANNERS and PLACARDS spreading the message of a CLEANER, SAFER and GREENER environment. A cleanliness drive was also launched on the occasion to reiterate the students’ commitment to bring about a healthy and hygienic environment. The most striking feature of the rally was the TINY TOTS of the school who participated enthusiastically disguising themselves in colourful attires of animals and plants, which drew the attention of the masses in large numbers. The senior students of the school staged STREET PLAYS to evoke general awareness of the masses to the immediate need to preserve the flora and fauna that nature has so dearly gifted us. It is noteworthy that the students also took the pledge to check and refrain from any further damage to the environment and preserve our natural heritage. The rally came to a halt in front of the ONGC Colony gate, Sivasagar at around the mid hour of the day. Many other eminent guests including Shri N.N.Taye, GM (PR), Pro Vice-Chairman, DPS, Nazira were also present on the occasion.

In continuation with their endeavour to save Mother Earth by creating awareness amongst the masses and students in particular, a SIVASAGAR DISTRICT Inter-school Environment Quiz on environmental related issues was also held in the school premises. The topics on which the students were quizzed were –

1. Geography of India and World

     1.1 Flora and Fauna and their conservation

     1.2 Political geography and topography of the world

2. Environmentalists and their contributions

3. Issues related to Environment.

Quite a number of students with a curious and inquisitive bent of mind from different schools of the district participated in this programme and made this noble effort of the school a grand success.


We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but have borrowed it from our children. But how many of us realize this fact? Our Mother Earth has been suffering because of thoughtless human intervention for hundreds of years, more so in the wake of modern scientific and technological development. And herein lies the cause for concern for the entire human race.

To evoke general awareness on this burning issue, Earth Day is observed all over the world on 22nd April every year. Delhi Public School, ONGC Nazira has always had the distinction of participating in such programmes in their own unique way. On this day, the students of the school gathered in the school premises early in the morning and planted saplings to foster greenery in the area. The students also delivered speech on the occasion regarding the urgent need to preserve the Earth. In their speech, they stressed on the fact that Nature’s plentifulness is a heritage not to be squandered with impunity. It needs to be conserved. The students also resolved to refrain from and check any damage to the environment in every possible way. On this special day, the students also went out holding placards and performed street plays in various parts of the town to generate awareness amongst the public to preserve the planet. The plays were performed at different places such as ONGC Main Gate, in front of Hotel North East, ASTO office, Civil Hospital and M.C. Club. On the same day, a Sivasagar District Inter-School Poster-Making Competition was conducted in the school premises where many students took part with full enthusiasm and vigour.

The local populace, who witnessed the rally, appreciated the school for their great effort in this regard. The school, on its part, hopes that their endeavour would create far-reaching impact on the general masses in the days to come.